Interior Design in Puerto Banús

We create a custom design tailored to your specifications to give your home the shape you desire. We walk you through an adaptable interior design process in Puerto Banús, customizing every part of your home to make it the home of your dreams.

Contact us if you want to personalise the design of your home. Explore our bespoke interior design process in Puerto Banús and receive professional advice to turn your idea into reality. Together, let’s create.


How we work

Interior Designers in Puerto Banús


Custom designs for specific areas

Discover the charm of Puerto Banús with personalised interior design solutions, from the layout of your spaces to the details of every corner of your home that you never thought would revitalise it. We ensure that each design reflects the unique style you desire.


Careful Choice and Unique Style

Whether you prefer the elegance of modern minimalism or the richness of traditional styles, at Puerto Banús we are dedicated to meticulously selecting and arranging the perfect elements for your home, ensuring that every detail aligns with your personal style and enhances the harmony of your space.


Comprehensive coordination and meticulous assembly

We provide a comprehensive variety of design services in Puerto Banús, from furniture selection and delivery to final installation adjustments, ensuring that your space transforms smoothly and seamlessly.

Our interior designs projects in Puerto Banús

We undertake the full range of design services in Puerto Banús, from the selection and delivery of furniture to the final arrangements of the installation, ensuring a smooth and harmonious transformation of your space

Living room design in Puerto Banús

At Puerto Banús, we will design your living room to create a personal connection between you and your space, ensuring that every element of the space matches your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Opting for our interior design means choosing a charming, comfortable and impressive living room. We will design your living room to achieve the perfect balance that integrates this space with the rest of your home and according to your preferences. Discover the ideal solution for your living room; we will transform this central space into the perfect place to create and share memorable moments with your loved ones.

Kitchen and dining room design in Puerto Banús

At Puerto Banús, we craft kitchen interiors that beautifully merge form and function, captivating both seasoned chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike. Our designs transform the kitchen into a focal and welcoming space within your home, infusing it with a sophisticated flair aligned with culinary craftsmanship.

Our kitchens are recognized for their glossy finishes, ergonomic layouts, and inventive storage options, all incorporated within the airy and vibrant allure of Mediterranean aesthetics. Let us create for you a kitchen that’s not just inviting but also aesthetically pleasing—a space truly designed for culinary creations.


Bathroom design

We design bathrooms that combine aesthetics and comfort to match the style you are looking for in your home. Our focus is on creating a bathroom environment in which every detail promotes comfort and calm, from soft textures to colour combinations.

We transform your bathroom into a personal space. We design bathrooms where you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy the simplicity offered by minimalist and Mediterranean-style designs, always in line with the interior design you are looking for for your home in Puerto Banús.




Bedroom design in Puerto Banús

Our philosophy when it comes to interior design for bedrooms in Puerto Banús is to create a space where comfort meets bespoke sophistication. We design your bedroom combining style and tranquillity, ensuring that each room radiates peace.

We look for textures, colours and details in every element until we find the ideal, personalised design that suits you and your home. This balance between aesthetics and functionality ensures that your bedroom in Puerto Banús is practical and beautiful, perfect for relaxing after a day in the Puerto Banús sun.


Terrace design in Puerto Banús

Transform your terrace into the ultimate gathering spot for friends and family to enjoy sunny days. We specialize in designing outdoor spaces that blend luxurious outdoor living with personal comfort, ideal for basking in the Puerto Banús sunshine or relaxing under the stars.

Our commitment to design excellence ensures that your terrace is a seamless extension of your home, reflecting your unique style. With an unwavering focus on quality and detail, we select furniture that is both durable and harmoniously complements your Puerto Banús residence.




What does our client think of the interior project?

“Sabina managed to create something amazing and I feel more at home here than in my actual home! Everything came together so nicely, and everytime we talked she was always so helpful and really wanted this to be as good as it could be.”

Some of our interior design projects

Our portfolio showcases our diversified interior design skills in Puerto Banús, as well as our considerable experience in design. Discover more information about our interior design endeavors


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