Interior Design in Málaga

We work with a unique design adapted to your needs to make your home take the shape you are looking for. We guide you through a process of interior design in Malaga adapted, in which we customize every corner of your home to make it the home of your dreams.

Contact us if you want to customize the design of your home. Discover our custom interior design process in Malaga and receive professional guidance to make your idea a reality. Together, let’s create.


How we work

Interior Designers in Málaga


Custom designs for specific areas

Enjoy the charm of Malaga with custom interior design solutions, from the layout of your rooms to the details of every area of your home that you never thought would bring it to life. We make sure each design captures the specific style you need.


Unique Style and Careful Choice

Whether you prefer the elegance of modern minimalism or the richness of traditional styles, at Malaga we are dedicated to meticulously choosing and arranging the perfect elements for your home, ensuring that every detail aligns with your personal style and enhances the harmony of your space.


Comprehensive Coordination and Meticulous Assembly

We take care of the full range of design services in Malaga, from the choice and delivery of furniture to the final installation adjustments, guaranteeing a smooth and harmonious transformation of your space.

Our interior designs projects in Málaga

We take care of the full range of design services in Malaga, from the choice and delivery of furniture to the final installation adjustments, ensuring a smooth and harmonious transformation of your space.

Living room design in Málaga

At Malaga, we utilize living room design to create a personal connection between you and your space, ensuring that every aspect complements your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Choosing our interior design means creating a living space that captivates, comforts, and amazes. We design your living area to strike the ideal balance between integrating it with the rest of your home and according to your tastes. Discover the best solution for your living room design; we will change this core space into the perfect spot to create and share wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Bedroom design in Málaga

Our philosophy of interior design for bedrooms in Malaga is to create a space where comfort meets bespoke sophistication. We design your bedroom combining style and tranquillity, ensuring that each bedroom radiates peace.

We look for textures, colours and details in every detail until we find the ideal, personalised design to suit you and your home. This balance between aesthetics and functionality ensures that your bedroom in Malaga is practical and beautiful, perfect for relaxing after a day in the Malaga sun.

Kitchen and dining room design in Málaga

In Málaga, we design kitchen interiors that combine aesthetics and functionality, inspiring both professional chefs and home cooks. Our design transforms the kitchen into a welcome and central room in your home, where beautiful design meets culinary practice.

Our kitchen designs are distinguished by their shiny surfaces, ergonomic designs, and creative storage solutions, all of which are seamlessly blended into the bright and fresh attractiveness of the Mediterranean style. Allow us to build a kitchen that is not only inviting but also impactful, a place dedicated to food preparation in an ideal setting for indulging in life’s most delectable moments.




What does our client think of the interior project?

“I hired Sabina to help me design the interior of my new renovated apartment. She is excellent ! Full of good ideas and still attentive to my own ideas and preferences. She is also very friendly, trustworthy, easy to talk to, and speaks all the necessary languages, as well as handles and negotiates with the furniture/interior providers with care and professionalism. I can highly recommend her.”

Some of our interior design projects

Apart from our specialized skills in interior design in Málaga, our portfolio provides a comprehensive showcase of our diverse projects, illustrating our extensive experience as designers. Explore further details about our interior design endeavors.


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