Interior Design in Estepona

In Estepona, our approach ensures that every part of your home is designed to suit your needs. We will show you how we carry out our interior design projects in Estepona, giving each space a unique touch that will transform your house into the home you have always wanted.

If you are looking to give your home a personalised design, contact us. Discover our bespoke interior design process in Estepona and receive expert advice to bring your vision to life. Let’s believe together.

How we work

Interior Designers Estepona


Tailor-made designs for unique spaces

Enjoy the charm of Estepona with bespoke interior design solutions for every space in your home, from complex room layouts to home space decoration, ensuring that each design reflects the unique aesthetic of the city.


Personalized Style and Selection

We find and choose the ideal style for your home design in Estepona, ensuring that each choice reflects your individual taste and complements your living space.


Simplified installation and coordination

We take care of all the services you need for the design of your home in Estepona, from choosing and delivering furniture packages to the final installation, guaranteeing you an improvement of your living space.

Interior design projects in Estepona

We give shape to the idea you have. We look for a way to give your home a global approach that represents what you are looking for, giving it a personal style with the professionalism that characterises us at DCID. We show you how we manage the process of your interior design project in Estepona.

Dinning room and Kitchen design in Estepona

At Estepona, we create kitchen interior design that inspires both the experienced chef and the everyday cook. We transform your kitchen into a space that encourages lingering, making it an inviting place to spend time in, where design complements the culinary art.

Our kitchen designs in Estepona feature smooth surfaces, ergonomic layouts and clever storage solutions, all designed to capture light and freshness. Let us create a welcoming and eye-catching kitchen, a space where every meal is a celebration, prepared in an environment designed to savour moments.



Bedrooms design in Estepona

We design bedrooms in Estepona that combine comfort and personalised elegance. Our designs are prepared for those who value style and are looking for a peaceful place to relax.

We know how to use textures, colours and details to create spaces that invite you to relax and look good. We make sure that every bedroom is practical and beautiful, perfect for relaxing after a day spent enjoying the Estepona environment.

Estepona Terrace Design

Let us help you turn your terrace into a secluded space of comfort with our terrace design services in Estepona. We specialise in creating outdoor spaces that combine comfort and elegance with personal style, perfect for enjoying the sun or gazing at the stars.

Our design approach ensures that your terrace blends seamlessly with the style of your indoor living areas, capturing the relaxed elegance of Estepona living. We pay attention to every detail and choose furniture that is not only strong and durable, but also enhances the natural beauty of your home.

Living room design in Estepona

We specialize in crafting living rooms that feel uniquely yours, ensuring every aspect aligns with your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Choosing our interior design services in Estepona means selecting a living room that not only captivates and comforts but also reflects your individuality. We design your living space to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home, tailored precisely to your preferences.

Discover the perfect solution for your living room design with us; we’ll transform this central space into the ideal setting for creating and sharing unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

What does our client think of the interior project?

“I was very lucky to have chosen Sabina to decorate our apartment in Benahavís, she was absolutely brilliant, patient and always available. The end result was everything I wished for and more, I highly recommend DCID, especially Sabina as she is not only professional but warm and friendly.”

Some of our interior design projects

Discover a sample of our interior design projects, highlighting the breadth and depth of our work as designers beyond Estepona. Find out more about our portfolio of interior design projects

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